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Expired Bodybuilder List

by JoeW on June 16, 2011

Many bodybuilders lead a life that will shorten their time on this planet. They often do things, and in excessive quantities and to excessive lengths that the majority of normal people don’t indulge in.  Here is a list of your friends that left us before their time.

Andreas Munzer, age 30 (supplement combinations)
Mike Mentzer (heart complications)
Mohammed Beneziza, age 33 (diuretics and steroids)
Curtis Leffler, age 36 (heart attack, steroids)
Hans Hopstaken, age 45 (heart failure)
Sonny Schmidt, age 50 (cancer)
Derrick Whitsett, age 37 (heart defect)
Don Youngblood, age 51 (heart attack)
Charles Durr, age 44 (heart attack)
Don Ross, age 55 (heart attack)
Mike Mentzer age 60, (heart attack)
Ray Mentzer age 48 (Berger’s disease)
Denny Gable age 49, (heart attack)
Jon Pall Sigmarson age 32, (heart attack)
Gary Kendal age 30’s, (heart attack)
Grizzly Brown age 41, (heart attack)
Paul Grant age 60, (kidney disease?)
Paul Demayo age 38, (drug overdose)
Fannie Barrios agr 41, (stroke)
Mike Scarcella, age 39 ( GHB withdrawl, heart)
Dan Duchaine, age 48 (polycystic kidney disease)

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